• Aluminum Extrusion

    10 Taiwan imported state of art extrusion production lines ( we believe the quality of the machines is an important variable in achieving product perfection.) We offer our customers a wide range of products dimension from 6 millimeters to 300 millimeters. By providing our customers with higher strength requirement product, we also have 3 seamless extrusion machine.

  • Metal Processing

    For over a century of excellence in shaping the metals that satisfied our customers, we offered customers our experience and expertise from the birth of the ideas till delivering an end solution that put an smile on our customer end. Min-Ta has been striving in expanding varies metal processing lines and accumulating varies after processing experience, involving CNC milling machine, welding lines and all types of shaping equipments to ensure that the core value of customers with the best competitive advantage and enhance the product.

  • Hydroforming Tubes

    A breakthrough technology offers the environmental solution in giving Aluminum tubes the flexibility and strength alone reducing the molding costs up to 30%. Currently we have two 800-ton hydroforming machines in production.

  • Surface Anodizing

    A fully computerized automatic anodizing line which offered the customers a better way in coloring their profile. Anodized profile has a lighter weight and stronger color durability over the powder coated products. It enhanced the true magnificent color of the aluminum profile. (The anodizing tank dimension is length 3 meters, width 1 meter and height 2 meters.)

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